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Note:  The above calculator is not a substitute for regular physical examinations performed by a licensed healthcare provider.


Quantum Adaptogen Complex - Quantum Adaptogen Complex is designed to elicit the best energy enhancement and mental acuity as well as increased endurance and post-exercise recovery. Quantum Adaptogen can produce profound improvements across the full spectrum of fitness from the competitive athlete looking for better running times to the couch potato who wants to get rid of flab.*

Quantum Adrenal Complex - Protect yourself with Adrenal Complex, featuring grade 10 cordyceps, the best for anti-stress and long life. The adrenal glands are a key organ system for managing fluid balance, settling inflammation and providing sustained energy throughout the day.*

Quantum AllerCleanse - Quantum AllerCleanse is a complete nutraceutical formula featuring outstanding key herbal nutrients designed to support the adrenals, spleen, pituitary and thymus as well as providing substantial support for the body's own natural anti-inflammatory and detoxification processes.*

Quantum Allicidin Complex - Quantum Allicidin Complex contains the stabilized allicin for the first time in history. Alli-Supreme provides broad spectrum, immune-specific support and para-cleansing, especially for the mouth and Gl and urinary tracts.*

Quantum Aloe Powder - Research on aloe with fully active enzymes and polysaccharides shows its outstanding help for many conditions such as poor digestion, poor appetite, excess mucus production, mucus congestion and colon inflammation.*

Quantum Amla Royale - Quantum Amla Royale increases the feeling of well-being, cheerfulness, interest in work and improved mood. It improves psychological functioning, memory, attention and concentration.*

Quantum Ashitaba Nano-Detox - Quantum Ashitaba Nano-Detox is rich in chlorophyll and natural vitamin B12, key factors for blood, memory and nerve function. It also contains the highest levels of naturally occurring selenium known on earth and chalcones, which are special phytonutrients for immune system support and DNA repair.*

Quantum Betaine HCL - Quantum Betaine HCL assists the body's natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and B-12.*

Quantum Bladder Complex - Quantum Bladder Complex is a complete formula for comprehensive bladder support. It contains quantum quality phytonutrients with immune-specific support and healthy urination properties. Let Quantum Bladder Complex help you regain control of your life and protect your bladder health.*

Quantum Blood Pressure Complex - Quantum Blood Pressure Complex combines premier quality nutrients and the most effective plant species with critical co-factors and synergists for exceptional heart and circulation support.*

Quantum Blue Green Power - Quantum Blue-green Algae is a powerful nutrient-rich, high energy food concentrate. Blue-green algae is one of nature's most efficient, versatile, and prolific nutritional powerhouses.*

Quantum Bone & Joint Complex - Quantum Bone & Joint Complex is advanced support for healthy bones, joints and flexibility functions, including healthy cartilage and connective tissue. It is comprehensive, synergistic formula which promotes joint and tissue growth, repair, regeneration and alkalinization while increasing the body's natural anti-inflammatory, anti-infective & detoxification processes.*

Quantum Brain Complex - Quantum Brain Complex has been designed to support the body's natural brain neurotransmitters and to enhance peak mental alertness and mental energy. The herbal nutrients included in Quantum Brain Complex have been used for centuries to help improve mental alertness and vigor in children as well as adults, including the elderly.*

Quantum CanStat - Quantum CanStat has been proven to be powerful immune support for the brain, liver, prostate, breast and other key organs especially during stressful or severe circumstances.*

Quantum Carvacrol - Quantum Carvacrol contains over 50 compounds which possess immune promoting actions, although carvacrol is the main one. In addition, the oil of oregano has excellent antioxidant properties, notably labiatic and p-hydroxy-hydrocaffeic acid.*

Quantum Castor Oil Packs - Quantum Castor Oil Packs Kit includes two bottles of Quantum Castor Oil and organic cotton flannel.*

Quantum C Complex - Many people have stopped taking large doses of synthetic ascorbic acid because they find that just 2 to 4 Vcaps daily of Quantum C Complex gives them more effective strengthening of their immune system, plus it is naturally energizing and mood-lifting.*

Quantum Chem Detox - The modified citrus pectin in Quantum Chem Detox has shown great promise as powerful nutritional support for the immune system as well as promoting healthy cholesterol levels.*

Quantum CircuZyme - Quantum CireuZyme promotes healthy micro-circulation of blood to peripheral tissues, including arms, legs, eyes, testicles, penis and other areas while supporting associated nerve, heart and arterial function. CircuZyme also helps maintain healthy coronary and brain blood flow, including integrity of coronary arteries.*

Quantum Chlorella - Chorella is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and many other naturally occurring nutrients, including the powerful antioxidant lipoic acid. It is also an excellent source of iron, with more B12 than liver. Chlorella contains the highest percentage of chlorophyll of any known plant on earth and is one of nature's most powerful cleansing agents.*

Quantum Cleanse Blend (powder) - Quantum Cleanse Blend is designed to thoroughly but gently cleanse the entire intestinal tract, promote healthy, normal bowel eliminations and thereby aid in cleansing the entire body.*

Quantum Cod Liver Oil - Quantum Cod Liver Oil is a rich source of vitamins A and D as well as biologically active Omega-3 class fatty acids, EPA and DHA (well known for promoting memory, concentration and healthy brain function).*

Quantum CoEnzyme Q10 - CoEnzyme Q10 may be helpful in many conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, chronic bacterial and viral infections, psoriasis, brain impairment (such as Alzheimer's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, gradual loss of memory and brain functioning), and poor antibody production.*

Quantum Colostrum - Quantum Colostrum has a superior "body of light." That is because Quantum Colostrum comes from organically fed cows that have never been ill, living only at certified organic dairies. This is the best possible colostrum.*

Quantum CoQ-Quinol - CoQ-Quinol can provide immediate results (often felt in seconds) as well as substantial, long-term benefits for the immune system, heart and circulation, healthy blood pressure, nervous system, brain function, anti-aging and spectacular energy and detoxification boosting.*

Quantum Coral Complex - Quantum Coral Complex helps support and maintain an ideal pH between 6.4 - 7.0. There are many forms of Coral Calcium however, Coral Complex is only one that has a balanced ratio of calcium to magnesium and is also highly ionized.*

Quantum Daily-Multi - Quantum Daily-Multi is the all-in-one product synergistically designed to cover all the nutritional essentials. Users can usually feel the benefits within a day or two. Ideal for the person who enjoys good health and only wants to take one supplement for proper nutritional maintenance.*

Quantum Nano-Devil's Claw - Harpagoside (one type of iridoid) is highly concentrated in devil's claw root and has been shown in some laboratory studies to have potent pain-relieving and joint-supporting properties.*

Quantum DHLA Nano-Plex - Quantum DHLA Nano-Plex is vastly superior to alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) or R-lipoic acid in free radical reducing capacity. Thus Quantum DHLA Nano-Plex can deliver more comprehensive reduction of oxidative stress for literally every organ and gland, especially the brain and the nervous system.*

Quantum Digest Complex - Quantum Digest Complex not only contains the most common enzymes: protease, amylase and lipase, but also special enzymes: invertase, lactase, maltase and cellulase. Quantum Digest Complex adds to this complex a premier substrate, organic South American apple cider vinegar.*

Quantum DNA Repair Cream - Quantum DNA Repair Cream is engineered to rapidly repair, hydrate and protect skin to a degree not simply possible until now. To suspend and preserve DNA Repair Cream's superior nutrients, the 100% toxic-free cream base is made from carefully emulsified oils which have been energy-accelerated to maximum electron spin.*

Quantum E Complete - Quantum E Complete has the ideal delivery system for comprehensive, whole body fatty acid protection. Quantum E Complete promotes healthy blood lipids, blood pressure, immune function and free flow of blood platelets.*

Quantum EFA Oil Blend - No other oil blend available today can match the quality of Quantum EFA Oil Blend. Quantum EFA Oil Blend contains the finest oils selected from all over the world that provide an ideal ratio of GLA, linoleic acid and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.*

Quantum Estro Complex - Quantum Estro Complex promotes healthy hormone balance, especially estrogen metabolism and detoxification, in women of all ages.*

Quantum Eye Complex - Quantum Eye Complex promotes healthy eye growth and rejuvenation, including macula, retina and lens, while increasing the body's natural detoxification processes with antioxidants. Do not risk your precious eyesight, use Quantum Eye Complex for clear vision.*

Quantum FatStat - Quantum FatStat has a proven, mild thermogenic effect to promote steady, efficient fat burning without the harsh weight loss side effects or over-stimulating effects of ephedra.*

Quantum Fem Balance - Quantum Fem Balance is a truly synergistic 15-herb formula supporting optimal hormone balance for both menstruating or menopausal women. Quantum Fem Balance contains multiple, quality synergists targeting the reproductive system, as well as exquisite co-factors and transporters to assure maximum uptake and nutrient utilization for the most rapid shift in cellular resonance.*

Quantum Fem PMS - Quantum Fem PMS is the highest quality botanical formula that helps balance and tone the uterus and ovaries by maintaining optimal levels of estrogen and progesterone. Quantum Fem PMS consists of broad range adaptive phytochemical activity that provide gentle cleansing and detoxification of the reproductive tract.*

Quantum Gallbladder Complex - Quantum Gallbladder Complex is a unique combination of specialized nutrients provide maximum liver cleansing and function and promotes efficient fat and blood lipid metabolism.*

Quantum Gallbladder Nano-Detox - Gallbladder Nano-Detox promotes optimal liver and gallbladder health and provides unique cleansing of gallbladder meridian master points typically not cleansed by other means.*

Quantum Gesterone Cream - Quantum Gesterone Cream is the only natural progesterone (wild yam source) cream on earth with ionically charged herbs and no toxic chemicals. Quantum Gesterone Cream supports healthy, youthful hormone balance, beautiful skin and strong bones.*

Quantum Ginseng Nano-Plex - For people with chronic health concerns, Ginseng Nano-Plex serves as an excellent health tonic. It strengthens weak kidneys, promotes the pancreas's healthy function, supports the liver, functions as a brain tonic and is an established blood builder.*

Quantum Ginseng Nano-Plex - For people with chronic health concerns, Ginseng Nano-Plex serves as an excellent health tonic. It strengthens weak kidneys, promotes the pancreas's healthy function, supports the liver, functions as a brain tonic and is an established blood builder.*

Quantum Glutamine - Quantum Glutamine is derived from beneficial bacteria and supports intestinal mucosal integrity, a healthy appetite and optimal metabolism.*

Quantum Glutathione - Quantum Glutathione helps build your immune system's resistance and improve your chances of staying healthy. Lymphocytes are cells of your immune system. Glutathione is essential for lymphocytes to increase in number, produce antibodies, and function efficiently.*

Quantum Gold-360 - Quantum Gold-360 is also the only formula that delivers live stem cells derived from an ancient Korean formula with a 5,000 year track record. Stem cells are critically needed to redifferentiate into organ or gland cells when they die or become damaged.*

Quantum Greens Mix - Quantum Greens Mix is a formula of uncompromising quality with the very best of the greens and their synergists from over the world. QNL Quantum Greens deliver over 70 known antioxidants, and literally every biological vitamin and mineral in their food-grade forms in addition to superior nutraceutical phytonutrients, some of which have been proven to be many times more protective than the well known vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene.*

Quantum HCL Activator - Quantum HCL Activator contains a broad-spectrum, natural source mineral/antioxidant complex for use with Quantum Betaine HCL (hydrochloric acid) which liberates the deep cleansing, para-detox power of HCL.*

Quantum Heart Complex - Over 6 million Americans end up in the hospital every year due to CVD (cardiovascular disease), commonly called heart disease. Quantum Heart Complex works to correct the root cause of heart disease by rebuilding the body's nutrient bank and safely clearing the infection(s).*

Quantum Heart Nano-Detox - Heart Nano-Detox supports healthy blood flow, circulation, blood pressure and blood lipids and assists oxygen transport in red blood cells. Heart Nano-Detox also promotes warm extremities and helps improve varicose veins.*

Quantum Heavy Metal Detox - Quantum HM Detox is the result of relentless research to find the ideal phytonutrient synergists that will help the body's process of heavy metal detoxification.*

Quantum Heavy Metal Nano-Detox - Heavy Metal Nano-Detox provides a safe, effective and proven method to support the clearance of toxic heavy metals including mercury, cadmium, lead and others as well as pesticide, herbicide, PCBs and other toxic residues.*

Quantum Immunocidin - Quantum Immunocidin is advanced support for lymphatic, immune and blood purification. It promotes optimal joint, ligament and flexibility support.*

Quantum Immune Complex - Immune Complex is a clinically tested, proven formula which contains a broad spectrum of highly active botanical agents to invigorate the immune system.*

Quantum Inflammacidin - Quantum Inflammacidin promotes healthy inflammatory balance and pain relief, including back pain, disc concerns and muscular tissue, especially after exercise.*

Quantum Kidney Complex - Quantum Kidney Complex is the result of our relentless research to find the ideal phytonutrient synergists which, when combined together, provide clinically proven, extraordinary support for the kidney and kidney meridian.*

Quantum Liver Complex - Quantum Liver Complex contains world-class nutrients for optimal detoxification and support of the liver, gallbladder and digestion. Fifteen powerful grade 10 herbal extracts are combined for unparalleled liver cleansing and support.*

Quantum Lung Complex - Quantum Lung Complex helps cleanse the blood for more effective oxygen metabolism in the lungs, delivers optimal antioxidant protection for the lungs and optimizes the body's enzyme and protein systems for effective lung tissue building.*

Quantum Magnesium Glycinate - Quantum Magnesium Glycinate is a revolutionary new form of highly absorbable magnesium. It is a fully reacted amino acid chelate produced by a unique, patented process that is designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium.*

Quantum Maitake Complex - Quantum Maitake Complex contains both the water-soluble alkaloids as well as specially processed triterpenes to deliver the entire spectrum of maitake's immune factors with maximum bioavailability, which rapidly promotes ideal cellular resonance like no other formula.*

Quantum Max Stress B - Derived from proprietary patent-pending technology using special, healthy probiotic strains, Quantum Max Stress B provides maximum stress protection, anti-aging benefits, instantaneous energy boost, brain rejuvenation, heart health and mood balance.*

Quantum Medi-Body Bath - Quantum Medi-Body Bath can be used as a full body bath which will gently detoxify the entire body via its maximum cation exchange capacity from its multiple, highly ionized natural sea mineral sources.*

Quantum Medi-Body Pack - Quantum Medi-Body Pack provides rapid clearing of toxic bioaccumulation (up to 50% of the local toxic elements in a single application) for a to return to ideal cellular resonance.*

Quantum Medi-Aminos - Quantum Medi-Aminos delivers a spectacular foundation for those who want to improve their athletic endurance, stamina and performance.*

Quantum Melatonin Nano-Plex - Unlike the synthetic products on the market, Quantum Melatonin Nano-Plex contains a live source, bio-active melatonin. Enjoy a sound, restful night's sleep with Quantum Melatonin Nano-Plex.*

Quantum Multi-Pollen - Using special pollen traps, Quantum Multi-Pollen is collected from worker bees. It is then cleaned of impurities, making it free from any allergens, which may cause negative side effects. Next, it is dried at low temperatures to focus the benefits of raw pollen, making it extremely easy to digest. It takes 10,000 flower tops to yield just 1 kilogram of once living Quantum Multi-Pollen extract!*

Quantum Muscle Power Boost - One heaping teaspoon of Quantum Muscle Power Boost is equivalent to amounts of creatine found in 2.2 pounds of uncooked red meat.*

Quantum Nano-Devil's Claw - Harpagoside (one type of iridoid) is highly concentrated in devil's claw root and has been shown in some laboratory studies to have potent pain-relieving and joint-supporting properties.*

Quantum Nerve Complex - Quantum Nerve Complex is a badly needed neurological supplement created through extensive research and experience, producing a product with full spectrum performance which combats the neural aging process without stressing the body.*

Quantum Neem Oil - Quantum Neem Oil is able to boost the immune system while helping the body fight infection even before the immune system is called to action. Neem stimulates the production of T-cells to mount a head-on attack against infections.*

Quantum Noni - Quantum Noni is premier help for digestion, infection, depression, thyroid function, arthritis, fatigue, pain, addictions, headaches, and muscular degeneration. Noni is a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory that is 75% as strong as morphine, yet non-addictive and side effect free.*

Quantum Nucleotide Complex - Quantum Nucleotide Complex promotes instantaneous immune boost, accelerates rapid cellular rejuvenation, and increases vitality. Research shows that nucleotides can diminish the symptoms and duration of the common cold as well as the flu.*

Quantum Zeo Minerals Cream - Quantum Zeo Minerals Cream with zeolite minerals is truly a breakthrough in natural pain relief. Quantum Zeo Minerals Cream can help quickly and efficiently neutralize many toxic and even deadly substances such as heavy metals, environmental pollutants, toxic chemicals and even radiation.*

Quantum Pancreas Complex - Quantum Pancreas Complex supports the body's ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels, healthy insulin production and strengthen the nervous and digestive systems.*

Quantum Paracidin - Quantum Paracidin is a comprehensive herbal blend for liver and gastrointestinal cleansing and detoxification. Quantum Paracidin provides immune-specific support and parasite detoxification for the liver, spleen and pancreas.*

Quantum ParaStat - Quantum ParaStat is world class nutraceutical formula for intestinal support and deep seated parasite cleansing. Used by hundreds of U.S. doctors to promote intestinal cleansing with stunning results. ParaStat is gentle, yet proven to help the body's gastrointestinal system and intestinal lining.*

Quantum Probiotic Complex - Quantum Probiotic Complex contains a full spectrum of living, beneficial bacteria. Quantum Probiotic Complex contains the most potent lactic acid bacteria as found in the gastrointestinal tract that can inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria and protect from toxicity.*

Quantum Prostate Complex - Quantum Prostate Complex can be a primary force in helping you sustain or regain great prostate health. It is a synergistic formula of multiple, clinically proven phytonutrients for optimal cleansing, detoxification and nutritional support of not only the prostate gland but urinary tract, urethra and bladder.*

Quantum Reishi Complex - Quantum Reishi Complex contains unique, rare polysaccharides which have been proven to increase the RNA and DNA in the bone marrow, where the body makes B cells. Studies show that Reishi promotes both B cells and T cells, specialized cells that are a critical part of the immune system.*

Quantum Rejuvenation Cream - 98% of Quantum Rejuvenation Cream is by the cell as compared to less than 6% with ordinary creams. Because it is quickly absorbed by the cell, Quantum Rejuvenation Cream is not sticky and leaves no residue on your skin.*

Quantum Slim-Body Whey Protein - For peak performance when you exercise or work-out, Slim-Body Whey Protein drink delivers every nutrient essential for life and in its most bio-available form. Slim-Body Whey Protein drink combines 5 key nutrient categories: a broad range of antioxidants, easy-to-digest nontoxic whey protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and immune-boosting fiber.*

Quantum Stomach Complex - Quantum Stomach Complex contains centuries old herbs to boost stomach and digestive tract health and powerful phytonutrients which strengthen digestion as well as modulate the immune and endocrine systems.*

Quantum Super Nano-Green Tea - Quantum Super Nano-Green Tea is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream where it immediately goes to work supporting healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and fat levels. Quantum Super Nano-Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant and gives remarkable support for healthy connective tissue and joint flexibility while delivering a whopping 105 mg. of polyphenols per serving.*

Quantum Testosterone Complex - Quantum Testosterone Complex is a natural anabolic maximizer for strength, muscle growth, energy, stamina, fat metabolism, power and endurance. It contains the finest botanical powerhouses in clinical tested ratios to maximize testosterone and anabolic hormones as never before.*

Quantum Thyroid Complex - The thyroid gland helps regulate oxygen uptake at the cell and therefore, plays a key role in energy, regulation of blood sugar levels and body temperature. Quantum Thyroid Complex is comprehensive nourishment for healthy thyroid function and detox.*

Quantum Tocotriene Complex - Quantum Tocotriene Complex is called the "snack of champions" because of its rich antioxidants and other nutrients. Current research shows that stabilized rice bran contains 100 different antioxidants.*

Quantum Tomato Concentrate - Quantum Tomato Concentrate is a raw, unheated, untreated concentrate containing 100% of its active enzymes and nutrients.  Besides containing an incredible 270 mg per tablespoon of lycopene, Quantum Tomato Concentrate also contains a whopping 450 mg per tablespoon of potassium, an important mineral for the kidney, heart, blood, muscle and nervous system.*

Quantum Tranquility Complex - Quantum Tranquility Complex supports mental tranquility, calm mood and focus throughout the day. Most importantly, Quantum Tranquility Complex promotes deep, restful REM sleep and improved quality of sleep so you wake refreshed.*

Quantum Whey Protein - Quantum Whey Protein contains a guaranteed 25 to 28% GMPs (glycomacropeptides), due to its superior, low-heat processing. This is the highest amount available in whey protein on the market today.*

Quantum Xeno-Detox - Quantum Xeno-Detox is engineered to support the body's ability to achieve healthy hormonal function, especially regarding the reproductive organs.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This health product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Health Products USA recommends consulting a physician before taking any health supplements.

Company founder, Dr. Bob Marshall is a certified, internationally trained clinical nutritionist, past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is the host of HealthLine, a radio broadcast aired continuously since 1986, currently in over 15 states, and the author of many research papers and articles. Dr. Marshall has operated one of the largest chronic illness practices in Southern California for many years. Currently his main activities include overseeing Quantum Nutrition Labs' manufacturing, as well as writing and teaching professional seminars.

Dr. Bob Marshall maintains clinical facilities in Torrance, California and Round Rock, Texas, where he continues to test and refine new and existing formulations. Dr. Marshall's companies, Quantum Nutrition Labs and Premier Research Labs, provide consumers and health professionals with full lines of nutritional, body care, and lifestyle products that work synergistically to achieve and keep great health. Quantum Nutrition Labs and Premier Research Labs have clinically developed its products, working together with medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and other health professionals to produce functional food/herb phytonutrient products that embody "Nutrition That Really Works". Dr Marshall delivers uncompromising quality using unwavering standards of excellence to ensure extraordinary product purity. He has developed, clinically tested and proven the effectiveness of each of its cutting edge nutritional formulas. Dr. Marshall's mission is: "to empower every person to access their own limitless healing potential through the use of HealthLine resonance nutraceutical formulations, spectacular detoxification techniques and premier therapeutic strategies."