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Quantum Energy Effect

Dr. Bob Marshall

   Quantum vitamin   vs.   Leading-brand vitamin

Special photographs made with a Kirlian camera provide a way of examining the "Quantum Energy" effect.  Notice the luminous pattern of light in the Quantum Energy product versus an ordinary vitamin. This spectrum of light energy reveals the synchronous, coherent and cohesive unity of all the phytonutrient resonances in the formula which facilitate the process of reweaving and reuniting your body's stressed and disrupted meridian energy fields.

Only growing produces a result consistent with the complexity and wisdom of nature's design. Here for the first time Kirlian photo technology captures the aura of the electrical conductive "life force" in individual supplement tablets, revealing the distinct differences between three separate brands.

Kirlian photography is a photographic technique where the light from the energy field of an object is captured directly on film emulsion revealing the object's energy field. The more "alive" the object the more energy it has, and the more "dead" it is, the less energy it has. The field also reveals the congruency or "how well balanced" the energy field is.  For additional information regarding Quantum "living source" nutraceuticals, click here.

One tablet of one of the best-selling
"natural" multivitamins (USP) in the world

Photo of
One gelatin capsule of a top-selling "chelated" multivitamin
in a whole food concentrate

Photo of
One Quantum 100% pure vegetable capsule multivitamin
from a living source - note the significant body of light.

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