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"Living Source" Nutraceuticals

Dr. Bob Marshall

Nutrition That Really Works

When nature grows something, for example a plant, the constituents that make up the plant are in a state of energy balance.  Given the availability of resources and building materials, these constituents will be perfectly balanced with no single constituent dominating the rest.  There are no leftovers or extra parts not being used and everything is there for a reason whether we perceive and interpret that reason accurately or not.  This balance is what Quantum Nutrition Labs calls synergy.  This can only be obtained by growing, by following a natural process that is dictated by natural laws and not any techniques developed by human beings.  Intervention by human beings interferes with the perfection of natural laws, and our perception that we can improve on what God and nature provide is an illusion.  We can support nature's wise design but we cannot improve it, as we are also a component of that design and not its master.

Quantum nutraceuticals uses the energy field and its interaction with the human body to determine what nutrients go into the formula and how much of them should be there.  This allows the nutrients in the formula to be in balance or in harmony with each other, establishing a relationship that cannot be achieved by using intellectual presumptions.

In testing other products, a congruent energy field emanating from the product is never identified.  It is Quantum Nutrition Labs'  belief that the energy field is necessary for synergy and may also be as, or more, necessary than the nutrients themselves.  Quantum products have a congruent energy field and demonstrate this by the use of Kirlian photography, which shows the existence of the field, and its strength. This same type of energy is present in fresh raw food and is almost totally gone after the food is cooked.  (see Quantum Effect)

Almost all other supplements are formulated by guessing people's needs based on "scientific studies" or developing an impressive label for those who believe that "more" is better.  Virtually all of the published scientific studies that deal with vitamin or mineral necessities have been done on isolated vitamin and minerals which are mostly manufactured worldwide by l4 large chemical companies and are referred to as USP.  From company to company their products are essentially identical. Isolated vitamins and minerals do not occur in the food chain, but are formed in relationship to many other food constituents.  In the food chain, vitamins are always molecularly bound to proteins.  The protein attachment appears to be the transport vehicle for vitamins in living systems.  This accounts for the low bioavailability or utilization and assimilation of synthetic and isolated vitamins or minerals in the human body.

The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (Winter, 1999) reported that over 97% of vitamin and mineral supplements now being sold in "health food" stores contain these synthetic or isolated and fragmented vitamins and minerals.  The Journal reported that such vitamin and mineral supplements were found to be toxic or ineffective or both!  These synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements are inexpensive to manufacture and produce huge profits for the makers and marketers of these products.  But, once again, it is the unaware user of these products who ends up the loser in more ways and one.  These products are not only ineffective, they can cause serious side effects when taken over a long period of time.  Our state of health, to a large measure, is dependent on the quality of the raw materials we ingest, and the body is not able to properly digest non-food synthetics.  At Quantum Nutrition Labs, all nutraceuticals are food derived from "living source" plants and herbs.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This health product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Health Products USA recommends consulting a physician before taking any health supplements.