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Enzymes & Probiotics

Dr. Bob Marshall

It is a simple fact that enzymes are important to our health.  Systemic enzymes are absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy body and an active lifestyle.  Your body uses systemic enzymes to rebalance the inflammatory response and fine-tune repair processes to help you recover from injury and disease.  Enzymes also break down and digest food so the body can use it.  Fresh, raw foods contain plenty of enzymes to help with digestion, but with today's diet of cooked and processed foods, many of the natural enzymes are cooked out.  Without the enzymes needed for proper digestion, the body may not digest the valuable nutrients it needs.  Additionally, studies have shown that as we age, our bodies produce fewer enzymes.

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CircuGold 60 caps $ 39.96
CoQ-Quinol 2 fl. oz. $ 31.96  
Digest Complex 60 caps $ 24.96
Pollen de Fleur 45 caps $ 24.96
Probiotic Support 30 caps $ 39.96
QuantumZymes 60 caps $ 18.96
Stamina-RxBeta Glucan

Quantum CircuGold - Quantum CireuZyme promotes healthy micro-circulation of blood to peripheral tissues, including arms, legs, eyes, testicles, penis and other areas while supporting associated nerve, heart and arterial function. CircuGold also helps maintain healthy coronary and brain blood flow, including integrity of coronary arteries.*

Quantum CoEnzyme Q10 - Quantum CoEnzyme Q10 may be helpful in many conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, chronic bacterial and viral infections, psoriasis, brain impairment (such as Alzheimer's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, gradual loss of memory and brain functioning), and poor antibody production.*

Quantum Digest Complex - Quantum Digest Complex not only contains the most common enzymes: protease, amylase and lipase, but also special enzymes: invertase, lactase, maltase and cellulase. Quantum Digest Complex adds to this complex a premier substrate, organic South American apple cider vinegar.*

Quantum Galactan - Quantum Galactan is a great-tasting, fiber-rich nutrition from arabinogalactan. It promotes enhanced immunity, complete bowel eliminations and gastrointestinal health. Quantum Galactan also supports beneficial GI microflora.*

Quantum Kefir - Kefir is similar to yogurt in that it is a cultured milk but the kefir curd is much smaller, so it can cover a larger area of the intestines, and the strains of beneficial micro-organisms present are different from yogurt. Kefir will recolonize the bowel with friendly intestinal bacteria whereas yogurt will not.*

Quantum NADH - NADH is a coenzyme found naturally in all living cells of the human body. NADH is also called Coenzyme 1, because it is top-ranked over all other coenzymes, including the famous Coenzyme Q-10. Our DNA repair system cannot function properly without adequate amounts of NADH.*

Quantum Probiotic Complex - Quantum Probiotic Complex contains a full spectrum of living, beneficial bacteria. Quantum Probiotic Complex contains the most potent lactic acid bacteria as found in the gastrointestinal tract that can inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria and protect from toxicity.*

Quantum Protease - Protease enzymes can break down undigested proteins and cellular waste products, thereby reducing the immune systemís burden. More rapid cleansing of waste products may in turn help the body eliminate inflammation and infection.*

Quantum SOD - Quantum SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) is an enzyme complex which converts the superoxide free radical to hydrogen peroxide, thus functioning as a super antioxidant.*

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