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Hormonal Support

Dr. Bob Marshall

Research over the past thirty years has determined that disrupted estrogen metabolism is closely linked to several health risks in men and women, particularly those involving the prostate, uterus, breast, and other reproductive tissue.  Genetics, excess weight, poor diet and other lifestyle factors may result in an imbalance of estrogen metabolites.  Xenoestrogenic compounds of the modern world, such as organochlorine pesticides and plastics, can also significantly disrupt healthy estrogen metabolism.  The following products promote healthy hormone balance in people of all ages by featuring targeted nutrients that support healthy metabolism and detoxification.

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Adaptogen 90 caps $ 24.96
Estro Support 60 caps $ 19.96
Fem Gold 60 caps $ 19.96
Melatonin-PG 0.5 fl. oz. $ 21.96
Multi-Pollen 45 caps $ 24.96
Tranquility 60 caps $ 25.96
Trim 90 caps $ 19.96
Xeno-X 90 caps $ 19.96
Stamina-RxBeta Glucan

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